Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok, let's talk protein shall we?

Protein is very important for success with weight loss after weight loss surgery. I had been having a hard time with getting enough protein in if any at all some days. I noticed my weight loss slowed right down. The protein shakes I had I kind of got tired of and it was all I could do to choke them down some days. I also had a hard time keeping other protein in the house, eggs, cheese, etc because my kids were eating it all on me!

So, I ordered a new kind of shake that is very good from fortius. I got chocolate banana explosion and decadent chocolate peanut butter. The banana one is very good but the peanut butter one I think I made wrong. It turned out as thick as melted marshmallows lol. I will try that one again tomorrow, I had a taste and I am done with protein shakes for today lol.

I had gotten into the bad habit of eating sunflower seeds lately too. I wanted something to munch on that didn't have sugar and that I could get down since I still can't seem to eat much. With the sunflower seeds I could eat a ton! That is when I stopped concentrating on protein and stopped losing weight. I stopped the sunflower seeds and in one day lost 6 lbs! Well, that should tell me something eh? lol

Protein is important after weight loss surgery to help you heal. It helps to prevent hair loss which can occur a couple months after surgery. I am two months out and so far no hair loss. Protein helps to prevent losing muscle while also losing fat. Your body will use the protein to burn the fat while carbs will be held onto by the body and you won't lose weight.

Protein bars are good for protein also but a bit heavy after surgery. I try to get a lot of my protein from drinking 1% milk, eating low fat cheese and any meat I can get my hands on. I also try to eat eggs but I have a hard time finishing one whole egg still lol.

I've lost 56 lbs now in 8 weeks. I want to try and lose 10-20 more in the next month so I have to concentrate a lot on getting that protein in for sure!