Sunday, February 22, 2009

My post on OH about losing 100 lbs

I just wanted to add to my last post I made about losing 100 lbs in 6 months from surgery. I am pasting the post I made on so you can see all the wow moments I have had in the past 6 months.....

*I can't believe it!! It's been an awesome past 6 months since my surgery but this whole time I couldn't wait to hit that 100 lbs lost point and now I've done it! I had just called my mom and was laughing about how I was .8 lbs away and seemed to be losing ounces not lbs to get there. Then I went to get in the shower and got on the scale and there it was! I almost screamed lol. I am 208.6 lbs now, down from 308.6 lbs only 6 months ago.

The last time I was down this much was 10 years ago this month when I had my back surgery and needed to lose 20 lbs for that surgery. Now my next big goal will be to get below 200 lbs and I want to reach that before I turn 40 on April 27th. I think I will get there no problem lol. I haven't been below 200 lbs for 16 years!

There have been frustrating stalls along the way but I've learned to get along with those stalls lol. I know my body is readjusting with each stall and I still lose inches or I can almost see the weight getting redistributed all over. I feel alive again and so full of energy!

I wanted to list some of my "WOW!" moments that I've experienced in the past six months so sorry if this post gets a bit long lol.....

- I can now fit into the bathtub to take my beloved bubble baths without getting stuck or wedged, I actually have room around me now and my butt bones hurt on the hard bottom lol

- I can shave my legs without having to turn myself into a pretzel, almost drowning myself in the tub

- I can see certain body parts that I had almost forgotten were there lol

- I can cross my legs, not just putting my ankle across my knee but actually cross them fully! I don't have to grab my leg and pull it up to do it either lol AND I can cross them both ways, not just one leg, I can switch legs with ease lol

- I can walk through the mall or park near the back of a parking lot and not be out of breath walking. I can walk quite a distance and not get tired or need rests. I even run!!

- Sex is better than ever!!!

- I have boobs again lol! Before they sat on my big old tummy but now...DAMN they look good and perky still lol, maybe not as firm but I haven't lost anything there so far, still a 44D lol and my bf keeps reminding me how good they look lol

- I showed my kids that I can still do the splits, couldn't do that a few months ago

- I am so full of energy I have a hard time sleeping at night now, I wake up after sleeping a few hours and I am raring to go

- I am always cold now as opposed to always hot

- Very little loose skin so far!

- I am in a size 16 pants and large top, I don't shop at Pennington's anymore but I picked up some tight size large rock t-shirts and they look good on me!

- My butt looks awesome again (back in school days I was voted by the guys as having the best butt in school lol)

- I can paint my toenails with ease!

- I actually like to exercise!

- I don't dump so I still get to eat whatever I want BUT my tastes have changed so that chocolate and pop and other bad, sugary foods don't appeal to me like they used to

- I can eat almost a whole cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant although I have to do it slowly lol

- I feel sexy and desirable again

- I get checked out by men again

- people hold doors open for me or strike up convos with me again, I'm not "invisible" anymore

- My shoes are now too big for me, as is my jewellery and hats

- I can sleep on my tummy

- sleeping on my back I don't get choked by neck fat or cleavage now

- I can fit, with room to spare, through turnstiles

- I can work long shifts and not have sore feet from standing so long

- I can squeeze by people in tight spaces and not hit them with my tummy or butt lol

- I can fit in theatre seats!

- All seat belts fit around me now

- I don't need help putting on socks and shoes anymore!

- numbness in thigh due to back injury and surgery 10 years ago is now gone!

- my back doesn't hurt hardly at all anymore (bad back and disk removed)

- my self confidence is sky-high!

I am sure there are so many more that I can think of if I try really hard but I don't want this post getting too long lol.

Anyways, thank you so much to all of you for your support and inspiration and to all my friends at the Windsor Weight Loss Surgery Support Group. I can't wait to hit my next goal and finally my end goal. I feel it's so within reach now that I can definitely do it!

Finally..................I LOVE MY RNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *