Thursday, January 15, 2009

New mini goal

I am really hoping to be down to 199 lbs or "Onderland" by my 40th birthday which is April 27th of this year. I am freaking out a bit that I won't get there but I have decided to make myself a mini goal in the meantime.

I want to have lost 100 lbs by Valentine's Day. I have lost 89 lbs as of today so that would be 11 lbs to lose in a month...seems attainable right? Well, I hope it is cuz my weight loss is so weird lately!

I will be on a stall for a while, then gain a pound or two then all of a sudden BOOM! I lose anywhere from 1-10 lbs suddenly lol.

I admit that I don't follow what I am supposed to eat religiously, nor do I exercise like I should but it also seems that when I cheat a bit with a forbidden food I seem to lose.....weird!

Anyways, let's see if I happen to get down 11 more pounds in the next month. If I can do that then I am so close to hitting Onderland by my birthday!!