Friday, October 3, 2008

The mirror vs. pictures

Why is it that you can look in the mirror thinking you look pretty damned good then when you see a picture of yourself you cringe and say to yourself "omg! I look that bad?!"

Today I went shopping at Pennington's. I love that store but can't wait until I can shop for clothes in normal stores! Anyways, I tried on a few things and of course loved them all. I didn't have enough money to purchase every item I liked so I chose a shirt and a sweater and a purse (don't ask me why but I have a thing for purses and buy new purses like every month). I tried the clothes on in the dressing room and liked how I looked for a change. Usually those store mirrors make me look like a gorilla or something. So, I get home and change into my new clothes. I decided I had looked pretty good in them so I should take a few pics of myself. I figured I could post them up on my profile at to show my 56 lb weight loss since my surgery almost 9 weeks ago.

Well, I took one pic, thought it was a bad angle, so took another. REALLY bad angle lol. I took a few more before giving up! Why do I look pretty good in the mirror but the pics made me look huge still?? Can't figure that one out lol.

So, I will wait until a bit more weight comes off unless I can figure out how to airbrush my head onto some supermodel's body lol. Either way, no pics of me!