Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Wow Moments

Well, earlier tonight I went out for Halloween with my boyfriend and our daughter. Kalli is in a wheelchair and getting her ready and taking her out can be a bit challenging sometimes. Every year for Halloween I ended up following her and my bf in my van, getting out for short walks before I would get too tired or out of breath.

This year I not only pushed her chair (with her in it, 50 lbs of kid lol) but I walked for a long distance, pushing that chair up steep driveways and I didn't get too tired! I didn't even get winded lol. My bf asked me if I was on steroids and he admitted to not being able to keep up with me. He is younger, fit and works out and he had to sit down! He said that just last year it would have been me sitting down!

I got home and had tons of energy and my bf and daughter went to sleep right away lol. I love my RNY! I feel more alive now than I have in years and have lost 67 lbs now since August 4th! I go see my surgeon on Tuesday (4 days), hope he is happy with my weight loss too!