Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here I am at 8.5 months after surgery and I am in a huge stall that is driving me crazy. Want to know exactly why it is driving me crazy?? I can't get below 200 lbs! Grrrrrrrrr!

I have gone as low as 201 lbs then bounce back up to 204 or even 207 lbs before coming back down a bit but never below 200 lbs! I want so bad to be in Onderland before my 40th birthday which is the end of this month (April 27).

I am hoping this isn't the end of the line. That my weight loss has stopped. I feel great, feel thin but I still see myself as fat when I see pics of myself, even when others tell me I look great....

I tried the 5 day pouch test but ended up not finishing it. Lost a couple of pounds then back up they went. I don't get it! I know I've been eating more carbs which is bad but it still shouldn't stop my weight loss!

Sometimes I wonder if I am just destined to fail....

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