Sunday, May 17, 2009


Finally I did it! I hit Onderland! Which means I am below 200 lbs finally!!!

I hit a plateau in early March that was so frustrating and discouraging, going up and down a few pounds and never getting below 200 lbs. I wanted so bad to hit Onderland by my 40th birthday on April 27 but it didn't happen so I was depressed about it all. I seriously thought I was done my weight loss journey. This was the mother of all plateaus I tell ya!

So, all week I was at 200.4 lbs and I was giving up. I was doing my Wii Fit, that I bought about a month ago, every day religiously. Jogging anywhere from 1-3 miles and doing strength and aerobics exercises. I really couldn't break through my stall.

Last night I got called in to work and was eating some chicken nuggets and had some coke so I thought for sure my weight would be up this morning. My body was all achy and sore and I got on the scale, dreading what it would say.........

199.8 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a mistake so I got off the scale then back on, but it still said 199.8 lbs! I stayed off for an hour and tried again, the same! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Finally, I hit my biggest goal yet! I was excited to hit the Century Club (100 lbs lost) but my biggest goal were to be below 200 lbs (something I haven't been in 17 years) and my next is to hit goal...49 lbs to go now!

I have now lost 109 lbs in 9 months!

I LOVE MY RNY!!!!!!!

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